Kathy Siney is a Pin-Up artist from the Northwest of England, specialising in Vintage and Rockabilly style Bombshells.


My work is hand drawn and painted, using mostly watercolours and pencil, alongside mixed media ( ink, gouache and pastel). I've been professionally painting pin up girls for over eight years, although working as a fairy and fanstasy artist for several years previously. My work has been published in magazines and books, featured on CD music album cover and licensed to companies to repoduce my artwork on gifts, homeware and digital graphics.

Ive spent all my life creating art in one form or another and I began painting fairy and fantasy work around fifteen years ago. I launched my then website - Silver Wings Art and became licensed with worldwide companies and featured in publications. As a hobby, I drew pin up girls, which Id been doing since I was at school back in the '80s, drawing Marilyn Monroe, Samantha Fox and cheeky cartoon girls! I decided to incorporate a few pin up fairies which became very popular, and slowly my little creations lost their wings and blossomed into the ladies you see today! 

I've been a huge fan of Rockabilly music from being a little girl, listening to Elvis, Eddie Cochran and Shakin Stevens and I grew up adoring Diana Dors and her films. The whole vintage lifestyle has been with me nearly all my life and I just love the whole ensemble that the 1940s - 1950s era portray; the music, fashion and the glamorous icons. I love to be able to capture my passion for all these things on paper!

All my artwork is original and solely my own work. Any pieces which are not portraits or specially commissioned, are from my own ideas and inspirations. I sometimes get a picture in my head and Ill just sketch it out, or a particular image of a model might spark an idea and I'll work from there. Sketches can take an hour or two and very detailed portraits can take over a week to complete. I really love exploring new techniques and trying to better myself and taking my time, rather than quickly churning out art. I feel really lucky to be doing what I do!

Kathy Elvis